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Banking & Capital Markets

Our goal is to help Capital Markets desks focus on their core mission: execute proper trading strategies, maximize profits and hedge risks.

Too often, traders are slowed down by underperforming information systems that result in incorrect or delayed information, manual processes and unnecessary risk exposure. Capital Markets desks need the right tools to ensure effective decision making and efficient execution.

Reference Point helps clients discover and implement optimal solutions to meet the information and transaction processing needs of their firms.

Our Capital Markets experts advise clients on industry standards, best-in-class third-party solutions and the potential for outsourcing certain functions.

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Treasury Operations & Payments

Well-controlled treasury and accounting procedures help financial institutions operate efficiently and effectively, enabling confidence in their cash flows.

Legacy systems, decentralized processes and poor performance indicators prevent organizations from achieving real-time visibility into cash positions. Treasury Services and Finance teams benefit from integrated payments technologies that support the data management, payment processing and reconciliation needs of the organization.

Reference Point helps clients optimize both cash processing and financial reconciliation procedures.

Our Treasury Operations and Payments experts utilize industry best practices and technologies to optimize our clients' treasury cash processing procedures.

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We acknowledge that FinTech will continue to evolve and change the way traditional financial institutions do business.

Within the last decade, FinTech has expanded to cover both front-end and back-end financial operations. From mobile banking to peer-to-peer lending to financial analytics and beyond, FinTech continues to disrupt traditional financial institutions and challenges them to adapt to the changing environment to stay competitive.

Reference Point offers clients advice on how to best leverage FinTech to improve business operations.

Our team educates clients on the latest FinTech trends and potential impacts to their business. We help our clients devise a strategy to optimize operations and refine their digital banking strategy.

Housing Finance

We recognize the impact that the ever-changing housing finance market has on market players.

Since the 2008 credit crisis, the housing industry and the secondary mortgage market has continued to change and evolve. New regulations, new products, and new technologies have reshaped the way financial services firms originate, service, and securitize mortgage loans. 

Reference Point has deep expertise in the secondary mortgage market to help clients manage the evolving changes

Our team's expertise helps lenders, mortgage and servicing firms, mortgage insurers, and secondary-market investors assess strategies and technologies to optimize their business processes to compete in a rapidly changing and evolving market. 

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Regulatory Compliance

Banking regulators continue to have a strong influence on firms' operations and procedures. 

Banking regulations are constantly evolving, making it difficult for institutions to keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements. Spanning IT risk management, data management, operational risk management and more, many banking processes and functions are impacted by regulatory guidance. 

Reference Point helps clients assess and improve compliance with regulatory guidance.

As former practitioners, our experts advise clients on the necessary requirements to comply with regulatory reviews and have experience engaging with banking regulators.  

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Reference Point provides deep industry expertise and integrated service offerings. Our holistic solutions consider enterprise-wide dependencies and seek to provide maximum value with minimum disruption to critical business functions.