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Anne Marie Eifel

senior Consultant

Anne Marie Eifel is a Senior Consultant with deep experience in what makes financial services firms tick: the transactions and processes that keep the lights on and capital flowing.

Prior to joining Reference Point, Anne Marie spent three years at PwC, where she focused on the review of MBS transactions and the valuation and quarterly payment confirmations of Collateralized Debt Obligations. After working in a very specialized sector of the financial services industry, Anne Marie had a desire to think more broadly and strategically, and brings that passion to Reference Point.

Anne Marie appreciates Reference Point's supportive, engaging, and challenging environment. She also recognizes that the boutique size of Reference Point is what allows her to know and connect with each employee on a personal level.    

Anne Marie is a 2014 graduate of The Ohio State University and graduated with a BS in Business Administration and Finance. Anne Marie is an avid distance runner and loves to spend time outside with her (massive) pup!


“After working in a specialized sector of the financial services industry, I desired a more strategic role with ‘Big Picture’ thinking. While Reference Point’s work was the initial draw, the people and culture enticed me to ultimately join the firm.”